Trap Range


Trapshooting is one specific form of clay target shooting. It is a game of movement, action, and split-second timing. It requires the shooters to break 4 1/4 inch “clay pigeons” which are hurled through the air at a speed of 42 mph, simulating the flight path of a bird fleeing a hunter. TCSL has two voice-actuated trap ranges as well as a comfortable heated clubhouse. We usually shoot sixteen-yard singles, but occasionally have handicap and doubles competitions. We shoot year-round.

Experienced and new shooters alike are welcome to use the Trap Range. You will be asked to sign in and to review TCSL safety rules before shooting. It helps if you have a basic understanding of how organized trap shooting works. Watching the process is a good primer, and trap committee members along with fellow trap shooters will be glad to answer your questions. We can arrange for new shooters to get started with basic instruction on the firing line. Of course, this offer is dependent on the availability of help at the range on that day. If you contact us in advance either at the range or by email to [email protected], a time can be worked out so there are no disappointments for personalized beginner instruction. TCSL also offers a structured NRA shotgun shooting class consisting of classroom and range instruction. Contact the Education Committee at [email protected] or call 734-429-9561 for more information.

  • Hours:  Every Sunday from noon to end of shooting (usually 4:00pm)    Check the TCSL club calendar for additional summer hours and special trap events
  • Cost: Single Round (25 Targets):  Members – $5.00    Non-members – $5.00    Juniors (18 and under) – $5.00 • Non-members must also pay a $5.00 daily range access fee
  • Cost: Ten Round Shoot Card (250 targets):  Members – $45
  • Contact:  Trap Chair (734) 429-9560

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