Action Range


baysThe Action Ranges at TCSL allow you to design and shoot custom scenarios involving multiple targets and props in a safe, controlled fashion. All TCSL Range Rules apply. There are 5 bays that together make up the Action Range, arranged from South to North starting at the Pistol House.

  • Bay 1 is directly behind the pistol house and can only be used for events or when the pistol house is closed down. Bay 1 is a wide, deep bay and can fit the largest scenarios. Please speak with a TCSL Range Officer before attempting to use Bay 1.
  • Bay 2 is directly outside the pistol house heading north. It is the smallest bay and often has a plate rack installed.
  • Bay 3 is directly to the north of Bay 2 and is a medium-sized bay with a little more space than Bay 2. It also will sometimes have a plate rack installed.
  • Bay 4 is directly to the north of Bay 3 and is a wide, shallow bay. It is good for more complex scenarios.
  • Bay 5 is the last bay and is the second largest bay. It is normally closed for general use. Please see a TCSL Range Officer if you have questions about Bay 5.
  • Newley added Turkey Bay1 and Turkey Bay 2 are located south of the Rifle Range.

As a Guest using TCSL Ranges you are Required to be briefed by the member bringing you to the club or a Range Safety Office on Tri-County Rules and Regulations.