Archery Range


The archery range is open to members during regular range hours, 365 days per year. There is a covered pavilion to protect shooters from the weather. Straw targets and three-dimensional targets are available. Different yardages are offered and special target set-ups may be made in preparation for archery hunting season. Special archery events including Women on Target, Women’s Nights, and Kids on the Range Day are scheduled during the year.

  • Facilities:  Covered pavilion, 3D range
  • Hours:  Open year-round during regular range hours
  • Contact:  Rhys Harrison (734-429-9561)

Archery Range Rules

All TCSL Club Rules apply to this range.

  • Use common sense. Avoid situations for which a rule could not be written.
  • All shooters must sign in and pay the range fee.
  • Proper equipment and equipment maintenance is the responsibility of the archer.
  • No arrow shall be nocked while anyone is down range.
  • No arrow shall be nocked while bow is pointed in any direction other that down range.
  • Only nock arrows when on the shooting line in the shooting position.
  • Be courteous to fellow archers. Do not distract them while shooting.
  • No shooting after consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • No bow is to be pointed above the target while drawn. Draw from a lowered position and raise your bow to the target.
  • No one is to go down range for any reason until the verbal “line is clear” command is given.
  • Always hang your bow from the hook at the front of the shooting line to caution the following shooters when retrieving or looking for a lost arrow.
  • Use only target or field points when shooting. No broad heads except on designated broad head targets.
  • Special rules may apply during 3D shoots or special events.
  • Report any problems to the Club Manager or a Range Officer.

Revised April 12, 2016