Ranges & Rules


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The following Club Rules apply to all Ranges

  • Everyone must sign in and pay range fees before using ranges. The fees for the rifle and the pistol and archery ranges are different fees. Member and guests must both pay. Exception: Children under 12 and Junior Members are free.
  • Members must display their membership card.
  • Non-members must be accompanied by members. Each member is allowed three guests.
  • Shooting hours are 10:00 a.m. until sunset* Monday – Saturday. Sunday will be 12:00 p.m. to sunset*. * Sunset or 8 PM, whichever is earlier.
  • Smoking is discouraged on the firing line.
  • No fully automatic firearms are allowed on the ranges. The 50 BMG is prohibited from being fired on TCSL Ranges.
  • Bump Stocks and Binary Triggers are not allowed on TCSL Ranges.
  • Never speak to anyone on the firing line while they are shooting or handling a firearm except for range commands.
  • There will be no “horseplay” on any range at anytime.
  • An adult member must accompany any person under 18 years old.
  • Drawing from a Holster and Concealed Carry rules are outlined below.
  • Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Violation of any range rule, or destruction of club property by a member or their guest, may result in termination of membership. Report violations to the Club Manager, TCSL Board Member, Range Officer, or a Range Chairman.
  • No shooting of any wildlife on Tri-County property or ranges.

Carrying Your Firearm in a Bag or Case

  • With unloaded firearm in bag/case with a chamber flag, enter range and set bag on bench/barrel at firing line.
  • Take out the firearm and lay down with muzzle facing down range. The firearm should be open to indicate it is unloaded.
  • You may place ammunition next to the firearm. Place bag/case behind the shooter on the table/barrel. This allows all shooters a view of the firing line to see that all firearms have their actions open.
  • To put the firearm away, bring bag/case back over to firing line bench/barrel and put unloaded firearm and ammunition into the bag/case. This keeps the firearms facing downrange at all times.

Carrying on Your Person

  • Open Carry is ONLY permitted on the Pistol and Action Ranges, north of the creek. Your firearm must be either concealed or in a carry case or bag anywhere else on club grounds.
  • Your firearm must remain holstered at all times until facing downrange standing at the firing line.
  • Remove the firearm from holster, unload, and place on the firing line bench/barrel while facing downrange. The firearm should be open to indicate it is unloaded.
  • The firearm must not be re-holstered until the time you are ready to leave the range. The firearm is then loaded, re-holstered, and concealed again at that point.
  • There is NO drawing from the holster to fire on any range EXCEPT; during TCSL-sanctioned events or when under direct, one-on-one TCSL or IDPA approved supervision by a Safety Officer or Range Officer on the Range.  Members may receive a Draw from Holster (DFH) approval by passing a qualification examination.
  • This routine is followed so that shooters are not un-holstering or unloading firearms anywhere but on the firing line facing downrange.

For range-specific rules and information, choose a range below:

Action Range

The Action Ranges at TCSL allow you to design and shoot custom scenarios involving multiple targets and props in a safe, controlled fashion. There are 5 bays that together make up the Action Range, arranged from South to North starting at the Pistol House.

Archery Range

The archery range is open to members during regular range hours, 365 days per year. There is a covered pavilion to protect shooters from the weather. Straw targets and three-dimensional targets are available. Different yardages are offered and special target set-ups may be made in preparation for archery hunting season.

Rifle & Pistol Range

TCSL offers two 50-yd firing lanes, ten 100-yd firing lanes, and one 200-yd firing lane. For special events that require them, an additional ten 50-yd firing lanes can be added. While being an open-air outdoor range, the rifle ranges have a covered firing line. Bench rests, sand bags, and target are provided. Bring appropriate eye and ear protection and become familiar with TCSL’s Range Rules.

Trap Range

Trapshooting is one specific form of clay target shooting. It is a game of movement, action, and split-second timing. It requires the shooters to break 4 1/4 inch “clay pigeons” which are hurled through the air at a speed of 42 mph, simulating the flight path of a bird fleeing a hunter. TCSL has two voice-actuated trap ranges as well as a comfortable heated clubhouse. We usually shoot sixteen-yard singles, but occasionally have handicap and doubles competitions. We shoot year-round.

Revised October 2023