Interested in becoming a member? New members are accepted throughout the year. You can apply for membership and pay your dues online.

Apply Now

If you prefer to fill out a paper form, you can pick one up at the clubhouse, or download, print, and mail.

Applicants will be invited to attend the next regularly–scheduled orientation/safety class at the club. Once you have completed this class, your probationary membership will be voted on by the board of directors at their next monthly meeting (third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.).

Annual Membership Dues

  • Regular Member: $180.00 (plus $50 initiation fee your first year)
  • Young Adult Member (ages 18-22): $90 (plus $50 initiation fee your first year)
  • Associate Member (spouse of member): $36
  • Junior Member (under 18): $36 (requires signature of parent or guardian)
  • Senior Member (age 65 +15 years as TCSL Member): $90
  • Military: Free while on Active Duty

Probationary (first year) dues are $230: $180 towards dues, plus a $50 initiation fee ($25 of which is a non-refundable application fee). Dues thereafter are $180 per year. The dues year is from March 1st to the last day of February. After your first twelve months (probationary membership), you will be billed a prorated amount so that your membership will expire at the end of February as it does for all regular members.

Work Hours

Probationary members must provide at least 10 hours work/participation on committees or work projects during their first twelve months of membership. This is so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. Regular members must provide at least ten hours of work or committee membership per year. After the first year, members may elect to pay for any of the 10 work hours that they don’t work at a cost of $15.00/hour. After attaining an age of 65 years, work hours are optional.

Membership Secretary: Charlie Unbehaun ([email protected], 734-429-9561)