Rifle & Pistol Range


Rifle Ranges: TCSL offers two 50-yd firing lanes, ten 100-yd firing lanes, and one 185-yd firing lane. For special events that require them, an additional ten 50-yd firing lanes can be added. While being an open-air outdoor range, the rifle ranges have a covered firing line. Bench rests, sand bags, and target are provided. Bring appropriate eye and ear protection and become familiar with TCSL’s Range Rules.

Pistol Ranges: TCSL has 7 pistol ranges. One of the ranges has a “pistol house” on it which allows shooters to shoot under a roof, with tables for pistol bags and equipment, a pistol bench with multiple shooting stations, plywood concealment allowing the shooters to practice shooting from concealment, and stools to allow the shooter to practice bench rest shooting. The “action ranges” can be set up to allow many different types of shooting activities, including shooting at steel plate racks, pin shoots, International Defensive Shooting Association matches, National Rifle Association classes, shooting at multiple targets, three gun shooting, drawing from holsters, shooting from behind concealment, and other approved activities.

  • Facilities:  50-, 100-, and 185-yard rifle ranges    7 pistol ranges, pistol house
  • Hours:  Open year-round during regular range hours
  • Cost (Members):  $5.00    Annual Range Pass – $80 (must be a member)
  • Cost (Non-Members):   accompanied by a member – $8.00    unaccompanied, call ahead for an appointment – $20.00/hr with an RSO.
  • Contact:  Dave Vandermark (rifle), Dick Cupka (pistol)

As a Guest using TCSL Ranges you are Required to be briefed by the member bringing you to the club or a Range Safety Office on Tri-County Rules and Regulations.