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Recent Club Events

2010 Events
Rob Steele Fundraiser
MUCC Banquet Fundraiser September Steak Fry
2009 Events
Instructor Training Club 70th Anniversary
2008 Events
February Dinner Deer Season
AED Training Jam Session
Wine Tasting Awards Banquet
2007 Events
LAN Party  
Deer Season Fall Turkey Shoots
Military Rifle Match (9/15/07) Awards Banquet

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Rob Steele Findraiser

September Steak Fry

MUCC Banquet Fundraiser, Feb 11

MUCC District 2 raised more than $8500 for statewide conservation efforts

Club Anniversary

Tri County turns 70 Years Young

Instructor Training

NRA Instructor training held recently at Tri County

Deer Season 2008

So, how did you do?

February Dinner

The monthly dinner

President's Awards Banquet

President's Banquet to honor outstanding volunteers, held Friday, January 11, 2008. Click the image to see the whole photo library in a separate page.

Jam Session

Bands, food, and fun at Tri County, on Sunday, January 20, 2008. Click the image to see the whole photo library in a separate page.

AED Training

Huron Valley Ambulance trained fifteen Tri County members on the use of the Advanced Electronic Defibrulator (AED) on Saturday, January 26, 2008.

Wine Tasting

Our first attempt at such an event, the wine tasting was very well received by all 66 people who attended. The guests snacked on smoked salmon on garlic crouton, duck liver pate', meatballs, assorted cheeses, and cheesecake, accompanied by eight different wines. It was an event sure to be remembered, and sure to be repeated.

Deer Season 2007

Send in your deer photos!

This deer wasn't taken by a member, but its something you sure don't see everyday!

Here's Lynn Luckhardt with his deer.

Can't wait for the sausages!
This brute wasn't taken by a member, either; it was harvested in Kentucky.
Wouldn't it be nice to see some member's deer here?

Fall Turkey Shoots

Four shoots are held every autumn using shotguns and pistols. Click on the picture to view the photo library in a new window


LAN Party

LAN Party held over the night of December 28, 2007. New to this party was a jam session. Click on the picture to view the photo in a new window.


Military Rifle Match

September 15, 2007 - View the match results (scroll to bottom of page).

Click to view gallery in a new window


Older events can be viewed here
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